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Model Building

Physical 3-D models communicate the essence and details of design quickly & clearly - and far more effectively - than any image on screen or paper. There's a magic in models that excites and engages the viewer, they even give confidence to conflicted clients with instant understanding of a space or object. A model is truly worth a thousand pictures.

Having built hundreds of architectural, development planning, topographic, landscape, theatrical stage design, interior design, and full-scale prototype models, I can provide in-depth analysis of the best methods and materials to achieve your project's needs and help you plan a path to success with your model project.


With refined creative skills, sensitivity to the design process, and an unwavering dedication to professional results, I create gorgeous models at competitive prices.

  • Presentation and Display Models are produced with the intention of showing a fully rendered design to a greater audience.

  • Concept and Study Models are often used as Presentation models as well, but typically represent preliminary designs phases or do not require the full details of color or lighting. They are often made so that adjustments and changes are easily implemented to keep up with the design process. 

  • Production models are used in the early stages of theatrical and film production to present designs to production team members.

All of the designs represented below are the property of the architects, designers, and their clients.

Presentation & Display Models

Materials vary greatly depending on the model's budget and purpose.

  • color ink elevations laminated to museum board and foam core provide fast, cost-friendly presentation models that can be easily updated during the design process

  • laser-cut and painted acrylic and styrene provide archival display pieces with life-like detail

Concept & Study Models

These models are often made for:

  • design competitions

  • end of concept/schematic design phases

  • development and presentation within design team


These models are made from laser cut acrylic, museum board, and styrene as well as hand cut paper, foam core, clay, and bass wood and often feature 3D printed elements. 

Production Models

Materials are mostly museum board, foam core, and bass wood.

These models are made using traditional hand tools and techniques with a minimum of laser cutting or 3D printing.

Hobby Models

A life time passion, I've been painting, assembling, and modifying miniature figurines made of metal, plastic, and resin with acrylic and specialty paints since I was a child. Most models here are around 3cm in height.

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